Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Matt Tigani EDCU 535

I chose google Earth This is a great site for my students to look at when doing projects, especially with what is happening in Haiti. I have had my students go online and find our school, their house, and other areas of interest. By using this in my classroom, my students can get a better idea of what is going on around the world, and where certain locations are. This is a great tool for my geography class.


  1. Good job on your blog. My husband loves google earth. He is always showing our kids different places. It is very cool. Jackie Campbell

  2. Hi Matt. I like your site, it is a lot more colorful than mine. I use google maps for my part time job but do find myself wandering around the country and globe periodically. It might cut into sales time a little, but I am the only one who might care.

    You might want to check your profile, I think it said you were female???